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Display Stand Fixtures, Display And Graphics Manufacturers Customized Display Fixtures, We use different material Wood, MDF, Metal, Acrylic, Printing, to manufacturer display, as per design and Requirement. Display can table top to floor standing display. Brands can use display for showcase the products, or any promotional activity. We work for Many liquor company, for Manufacturer Display Racks, bar counter, Backlit poster’s and signages. In display and Graphics we have more then decade experience for designing and manufacturing the display fixtures.

n acrylic display stand is a type of stand or holder made from acrylic material. Acrylic, also known as plexiglass or PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate), is a transparent thermoplastic that is often used as a lightweight and durable alternative to glass. Acrylic display stands are popular for showcasing and presenting various items in a clear and aesthetically pleasing way. Here are some common uses and characteristics of acrylic display stands:
Product Displays: Acrylic display stands are commonly used in retail settings to showcase products such as jewelry, cosmetics, electronic devices, or any other small items.
Brochure and Literature Holders: Acrylic stands are frequently used to hold brochures, pamphlets, or other promotional materials in places like trade shows, information centers, or waiting areas.
Signage and Menu Displays: Acrylic is often used for displaying signs or menus in restaurants, cafes, and other establishments. Its transparency allows for clear visibility of the content.
Photo Frames: Acrylic display stands are used for creating modern and sleek photo frames. The clear material doesn’t distract from the photo, making it a popular choice.
Awards and Trophies: Acrylic is a common material for creating awards and trophies due to its clarity and ability to be shaped into various designs.
Art and Collectible Displays: Artists and collectors may use acrylic display stands to showcase sculptures, figurines, or other art pieces.
Cosmetic Displays: Acrylic is often used to display cosmetics in stores. It provides a clean and organized way to present various beauty products.
Trade Show Exhibits: Acrylic stands are popular in trade show exhibits for showcasing products, promotional materials, or informational displays.
When using acrylic display stands, it’s essential to clean them properly to maintain their clarity and appearance. Avoid using abrasive materials that may scratch the surface. Additionally, be mindful of the weight capacity of the stand to prevent any damage to the displayed items or the stand itself.

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